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Enhance Your Home, LLC, was founded in Chicago, IL in 2007. We then relocated to Las Vegas, NV in 2013. Our Mission is to be the most trusted and respected Home Staging Company in Las Vegas. We continually strive to earn that trust and respect by going above and beyond on every project we work. Enhance Your Home, LLC uses proven, professional Staging techniques in every property. We have established a primary niche in Las Vegas of Staging occupied homes and we also offer Staging for vacant homes as well.

At Enhance Your Home, LLC we listen carefully and fulfill the needs of our Clients. Options for the Homeowners include: Hands-on Decluttering, Depersonalizing, and light Pre-packing. We make houses look fabulous so they can sell faster and for more money.

We have established a culture at Enhance Your Home, LLC that supports our well-trained Team Members. These Team Members continually strive to provide top quality service to our Clients and Real Estate Professionals.

We build partnerships in our community based on trust, which create meaningful relationships with those around us. We make this possible by offering our services at a reasonable price, so as many people as possible will be able to afford them, while we still maintaining the highest level of quality and service.

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Gayle with the Property Brothers
Gayle with Tony Robbins

Gayle Novak,

The Residential Illusionist

"Because I work Magic in your Home!"

Gayle Novak is one of the best known and well-respected Home Stagers in Las Vegas. Nicknamed The “Residential Illusionist”, because she works magic in every home she Stages. She has worked in the Staging industry for thirteen years, she holds an MBA, is a Certified Stager, a Redesign Specialist, and holds a Luxury Home Staging Designation, as well. Gayle is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association, and has earned the coveted designation of RESA-PRO. Through RESA, she is also a Nevada State Accredited CE Instructor. And, teaches several CE Classes every month.

As a member of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals, Gayle was recently, honored as a 2019 Trifecta Winner in all three categories; Staging Excellence, Client Care Excellence and Industry Leadership Excellence.

Also, Gayle is active locally with the Las Vegas Women’s Council of Realtors and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors Gayle does her best to keep up with all the local news and trends of the real estate industry, here in Las Vegas.

In addition, Gayle has also had articles published in Shape, Prevention and Coping magazines.

Adversity has helped Gayle forge a type of protective, personal armor to help her deal with pain, trauma and hardship. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor of 38 years, and more recently a survivor of domestic abuse. Which has now led to being a corporate supporter of Safe Nest.

No matter how bad things got, Gayle hasn’t let anything stop her. To prove she could do anything, she became a Tony Robbins Firewalker. Yes, that’s right! She walked barefoot on an eight-foot bed of hot burning coals! Twice! And didn’t burn her feet!

Finally, Gayle is proud to have relocated to, made a home, started a business and a new life here in Las Vegas. And, Vegas has welcomed her completely … MYVEGAS Magazine, has now nominated her as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Women in Las Vegas - 2019". The “Top Women” issue of MYVEGAS Magazine will be out in November 2019.

What else can we say except,
Viva Las Vegas!

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