Armed with a decade of experience, our team can confidently provide every Client, with Top-Notch service.  Whether it’s Staging, Unpacking, or Organizing, Enhance Your Home, LLC is knowledgeable and experienced!  We plan our work, and work our plan, so you always get the best possible results!  Please read below, what just a few of our satisfied Clients, have to say about our work. 


"We needed to get our basement Organized.  With two kids and two busy careers, the only answer was outside help.  I'm so glad we chose Enhance Your Home.  Gayle and her crew were wonderful.  In just a few hours they had all the clutter removed, and organized.  There was a place for everything.  I could actually find things, and so could my husband and kids.  It made a lot of stress disappear.  Thank you for providing a service that has so many positive benefits."

- Heather S. | Homeowner & University Professor

"The Staging went so well that it felt like it was done in the blink of an eye.  Gayle was very organized and finished the project very quickly.  Her and the crew being in our home hardly disrupted our life at all.  I was very impressed at her ability to get things done in a timely manner.  And, the finished product was truly outstanding!  All in all, my wife and I were very satisfied!"

- James C. | Homeowner & Military Retiree

"At our first appointment, we were immediately impressed by Gayle's professionalism. She reviewed information aboutStaging, her services and how she could help us. Gayle and the information made us feel comfortable with the decision to Stage our home, and specifically to use Enhance Your Home, LLC. 

All we had to do was "say yes", and she did the rest! We were in the house the entire time that Gayle & her crew were working. We were very comfortable with how she treated our belongings and our home. They were all very careful and respectful.  After Gayle & her crew were finished, the house looked terrific, really beautiful. As she promised, it was "Showcase" ready.  In the first day our house was on the market we got seven offers.  We sold  the house the first day, for $26,000, over list price!  Thanks Gayle, Staging made all the difference!

- Harry A. | Homeowner & Military Retiree

"Thanks, Enhance Your Home! I love my organized closet! I feel less stress because now. I can find everything! Because the closet is organized, I now, actually have time to eat breakfast before I leave for work! Thanks so much ! I can't believe how much this has changed my life!"

- Ellen G. | Homeowner & Business Owner

"Well it’s time to report: I love the dining room treatment you gave it! I was surprised, but happy about what you did with my aloe vera plants. I like how you switched my “silk flower” artwork over the dresser and where you decided to put my revolving stand for jewelry. That bedroom is gorgeous now. And you moved it over without ruining my Internet. How did you do it!? I am amazed! And happy. I’m getting to understand where you put things, and how to find them more easily. Thank you so much!"

-Drina F. | Artist

​"Very satisfied. We were moving, but due to a tight deadline, we needed some extra help to get our packing done. The Enhance crew did a great job. Very professional and they worked quickly and efficiently. They also all communicated well and listened to my concerns while packing our things. Gayle was a pleasure to talk to during the initial contact. I felt that everything was on the up-and-up, and there were no unexpected charges or anything like that. They really helped to take a lot of the stress off our shoulders. I would definitely recommend Enhance Your Home."

-Greg S. | Professional Opera Singer

"Gayle and her assistant Staged our house in just a few hours.  The house sold very quickly, and for above list price.  She worked with our kids and taught them how to maintain their rooms and bathroom until the house was sold.  Gayle was amazing.  She transforms ordinary homes into masterpieces by creating a "model-home-type" residence that is warm and inviting, which results in dramatically shorter sales cycles."

- Dave W. | Homeowner & Business Owner

"Gayle's expertise is essential to anyone looking to update or sell their home. She comes to your home and gives you an honest, unbiased view of what any great home should look and feel like. She thinks outside the box and through Staging, she gives your home a fresh, clean look.  No detail is overlooked to enhance your home.  The house sold very quickly.  Which was the outcome I expected.  All in all, we were thrilled."

- Mickey D. | Homeowner & Bank Manager

"We knew we had to downsize, but when the time finally came to move from our big house to a small condo, we panicked!  How were we going to get all of this done? Our kids don't live here, they're grown, busy professionals.  We​ ​were pleasantly surprised when our Realtor told us that Enhance Your Home could, not only Stage our home, but they could also help us unpack on the other end.  Gayle and her crew Stagedour house, AND helped us move into our new condo.  What relief!  In one day we moved out and moved in.   It was truly amazing! Thanks Gayle!  Because of you and your crew, everything went smoothly.  Your fee was very reasonable, and worth every penny!​

- Paul S. | Doctor​​

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